Table 4. Resident Responses to Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Questions on the Graduate Medical Education Annual Survey
Survey QuestionResponse2015-2016, n (%)2016-2017, n (%)
Do you know how or where to access your hospital’s CHNA?Yes13 (25)15 (29)
No38 (75)37 (71)
Have you accessed or viewed (online or on paper) your hospital’s CHNA?YesN/A10 (19)
NoN/A43 (81)
  • N/A, not assessed.

  • Note: The total number of responses to survey questions may vary between academic years because the number of residents surveyed or providing responses may have changed from year to year. Further, the number of responses to different questions in the same academic year may vary because not all residents provided responses to all of the survey questions.