PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN – Obesity in the Hispanic Population
Vision StatementOur vision is to promote obesity awareness and provide education that impacts the local Hispanic population by collaborating with the community and GME.
Team ObjectivesOur main objective was to decrease the prevalence of obese and overweight individuals in the local Hispanic community, thereby hopefully narrowing the disparity of the local Hispanic population having more obese and overweight individuals than other ethnic groups. Stakeholders included the Hispanic community, GME residents and faculty, local Hispanic churches, and other healthcare personnel from Baylor Scott & White.
Success FactorsThe most successful part of our work was pairing with leaders in the community to gather information and help develop the protocol. We were inspired by all the groups’ continuing efforts to move their projects forward. This was an eye-opening experience for some of us and sometimes equated to moving mountains.
BarriersThe largest barrier encountered was organizing and obtaining the resources to actually allow us to begin the project. We worked to overcome this challenge by collaborating with a research designer to help us fine-tune the protocol, get grant approval, and make the process more efficient.
Lessons LearnedWe learned to start from day 1 with a research expert who has done this type of population research. While developing our protocol and applying for the grant, we were working with papers from our literature review as our main source of design information. Consequently, we missed some key elements in the design process that led to significant delays in grant approval and IRB approval.