PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN – Identifying and Helping People With Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Primary Care
Vision StatementOur aim is to identify patients in primary care with alcohol misuse and provide them with appropriate interventions both in the clinic and in the community.
Team ObjectivesOur objective was to create a standardized screening process using validated measures and create treatment tools for patients and providers that are targeted to their level of risk and include community resources.
Success FactorsThe most successful part of our work was that we implemented a standard process for screening patients in primary care for alcohol misuse and provided targeted treatment options that engage resources in the clinic and the larger community. As a result of serial interventions, screening for alcohol misuse increased to 92%, and we have begun to expand these efforts to our other clinic locations.
BarriersThe largest barrier encountered was balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders—the patient, clinic staff, providers, and community members.
Lessons LearnedThe single most important piece of advice to provide another team embarking on a similar initiative is to involve clinic staff and committees early on.