Table. Common Syndromes and Conditions Manifesting With Tooth Agenesis
Syndrome or ConditionDental Manifestation
Ectodermal dysplasiaHypodontia, oligodontia, anodontia, conical teeth
Orofacial digital syndromeHypodontia, oligodontia, supernumerary teeth, dental malocclusion
Orofacial clefting (cleft lip and/or cleft palate)Hypodontia, oligodontia
Pierre Robin sequenceHypodontia, microdontia, supernumerary teeth
Van der Woude syndromeHypodontia, cleft lip, cleft palate
Apert syndromeHypodontia, enamel hypoplasia
Moebius syndromeHypodontia
Down syndromeHypodontia
Ellis-van Creveld syndromeHypodontia (incisors), conical teeth, taurodontism
Witkop tooth and nail syndromeHypodontia
Soto syndromeHypodontia (premolar), enamel hypoplasia
Wolf-Hirschhorn syndromeHypodontia, taurodontism, microdontia