Table 1.

Confirmatory Factor Analysis for PainCQ© Survey Data

Test StatisticCriteria for Good Model FitPainCQ-I© (n=846)PainCQ-N© (n=846)
Number of items615
Chi-square (df)21.49 (8)372.79 (83)
P value for chi-square<0.050.006<0.001
Chi-square ratioχ2/df (<3)2.694.48
Comparative fit index≥0.950.990.95
Goodness-of-fit index≥0.950.990.94
Standardized root mean square residual≤0.080.0230.050
Root mean square error of approximation≤0.080.0450.065
  • Note: Missing data replaced with subscale mean to facilitate complete dataset for confirmatory factor analysis.

  • df, degrees of freedom; PainCQ-I©, Pain Care Quality-Interdisciplinary; PainCQ-N©, Pain Care Quality-Nursing.