Table 5.

Association Between Reported Practice and Perception of Responsibility for Health Maintenance and Vaccinations

Task Assessed Always/
Most of the Time
Task/Respondent/ResponseYesNoP Value
Managing IBD-related health maintenance issues
GI respondents0.34
 GIs are responsible389
 PCPs are responsible11
PCP respondents<0.0001
 GIs are responsible540
 PCPs are responsible338
Tracking IBD-related health maintenance issues
GIs respondents0.38
 GIs are responsible369
 PCPs are responsible11
PCP respondents<0.0001
 GIs are responsible241
 PCPs are responsible356
Ordering vaccinations
GI respondents0.74
 GIs are responsible134
 PCPs are responsible2210
PCP respondents<0.0001
 GIs are responsible317
 PCPs are responsible4817
Tracking vaccination status
GI respondents0.01
 GIs are responsible245
 PCPs are responsible910
PCP respondents0.006
 GIs are responsible410
 PCPs are responsible4922
  • Notes: Data are presented as number of respondents. Respondents who perceived the responsibility to be that of other practitioners were excluded. P values are 2-sided. GIs, gastroenterologists; PCPs, primary care providers.