Cases of Xanthogranulomatous Osteomyelitis Reported in the Literature

Author/PublicationPatient Age,RadiographicOther
Cozzutto, 198455/MaleFirst ribOsteolytic lesion with surrounding sclerosisEn bloc resection of first rib
Cozzutto, 1984514/MaleProximal metaphysis of tibiaMottled radiolucent lesionExcision of tibial lesion
Vankalakunti et al, 2007650/FemaleDiaphysis of ulnaExpansile lytic lesionHistiocytes positive for KP1, HAM56, CD11b, CD68Curettage and bone grafting
Cennimo et al, 2009741/MaleIndex finger and wristAbscess collection and synovial enhancementCulture positive for Mycobacterium marinumMinocycline, clarithromycin, and ethambutol plus synovectomy
Mehdinezhad-Kashani et al, 2010822/MaleMid-diaphysis femurOsteolytic lesionCephalexin, oral ciprofloxacin
Kamat et al, 2011913/MaleDistal tibiaSubmetaphyseal lytic lesion with surrounding sclerosisCulture positive for Staphylococcus aureusSimple curettage
Borjian et al, 20121014/MaleHumeral head, fibular diaphysisLytic lesions, periosteal reactionCulture positive for Staphylococcus aureusPatient left hospital without treatment
Nunes et al, 20121156/MaleDistal metaphysis of humerusOsteolytic lesionHistiocytes positive for CD68Curettage and bone grafting
Holmes et al, 20131244/MaleDistal tibiaSoft tissue massCurettage
Lee et al, 20131359/MaleDistal ulnaOsteolytic bulging massIncrease in accumulation of FDG in PET scanExcisional biopsy and curettage
Wang et al, 20141445/MaleThird ribExpansile osteolytic massAccumulation of FDG in PET scan
Wang et al, 20141446/MaleFifth rib, eighth ribExpansile osteolytic massAccumulation of FDG in PET scan
Rathi, et al, 20141550/MaleDistal tibiaOsteolytic lesions with periosteal reactionPus culture positive for Pseudomonas.Amikacin, imipenem, arthrodesis
Nalini, 20141620/FemalePeritrochanteric region of femurWell-defined osteolytic lesionCurettage and bone grafting
Sapra et al, 20151734/MaleMedial malleolus, talus, cuboidOsteolytic lesions with sclerotic marginsCurettage and bone grafting
Singh et al, 20151865/FemalePeritrochanteric region of femurWell-defined osteolytic lesion
Arul et al, 20161920/MaleFemurHyperintense lesion with well-defined marginCurettage
Baisakh et al, 20162021/FemaleDistal femoral epiphysis, proximal tibial metaphysisOsteolytic lesions
Kaneuchi et al, 20172136/FemaleDistal metaphysis of tibiaOsteolytic lesion with sclerotic marginsExcisional biopsy and curettage
Cheema et al, 2017225/FemaleHumerusMultiple osteolytic lesions with periosteal reactionCulture positive for non-typhus SalmonellaCeftriaxone intravenous, oral amoxicillin
  • FDG, fludeoxyglucose; PET, positron emission tomography.