Table 4.

Correlations Between Burnout and Adapted Sexual Experiences Questionnaire Subscales

Sum of
Burnout Items
Adapted SEQ/Subscalerp
SEQ – Colleagues
 Gender harassmenta0.190.03
  Sexism items0.210.02
  Sexual items0.140.12
 Unwanted sexual attention0.120.18
 Sexual coercion-0.010.89
 Mistaken role0.200.02
SEQ – Patients and Their Families
 Gender harassmenta0.200.11
  Sexism items0.200.11
  Sexual items0.170.17
 Unwanted sexual attention0.060.61
 Sexual coercion-0.150.21
 Mistaken role-0.010.94
  • aItems in the gender harassment subscale were divided into 2 categories for analysis. Sexist remarks and poor treatment due to gender were summed into sexism items, and sexual discussion, remarks, and materials were summed into sexual items.

  • p, probability value; r, correlation coefficient.