Table 4.

Beneficial Effects of Accent Interventions

Key ThemesBeneficial EffectsStudies
Speech productionBetter communication clarity and/or improved communication experiencesBosher and Smalkoski, 200239Satter et al, 200555San Miguel et al, 200645Parkhurst, 200744Seibold et al, 200746Shah, 201037Boughton et al, 201040Cross and Smalldridge, 20117Woodward-Kron et al, 201147Carr and DeKemel-Ichikawa, 201221Baker and Robson, 201249Belay, 201333Harvey et al, 201342Freysteinson et al, 201734
Increased intelligibilityParkhurst, 200744Shah, 201037Woodward-Kron et al, 201147Carr and DeKemel-Ichikawa, 201221Baker and Robson, 201249Khurana and Huang, 201336Van Schaik et al, 201454
Fewer phonological errorsShah, 201037Carr and DeKemel-Ichikawa, 201221Shen et al, 201238Baker and Robson, 201249Khurana and Huang, 201336Van Schaik et al, 201454
Communication competenceBetter listening comprehension abilityGuhde, 200335Parkhurst, 200744Shah, 201037Baker and Robson, 201249Harvey et al, 201342
Improved knowledge of colloquial languageChur-Hansen and Barrett, 199651Shah, 201037Boughton et al, 201040Van Schaik et al, 201454
Improved knowledge of phonological rulesShah, 201037Blackburn, 201250Van Schaik et al, 201454
Academic/clinical performance Improved academic/clinical exam pass rateSymes et al, 200222Bosher and Smalkoski, 200239San Miguel et al, 200645Parkhurst, 200744Kokkinn and Stupans, 201143Woodward-Kron et al, 201147Harvey et al, 201342
Higher student retention rateSymes et al, 200222
Less clinical incidentsYahes and Dunn, 199648
Better health survey response rateSatter et al, 200555
Perceptual changesIncreased confidence and/or self-esteem in communicationSymes et al, 200222San Miguel et al, 200645Boughton et al, 201040Koch et al, 201153Belay, 201333Khurana and Huang, 201336
Harvey et al, 201342Freysteinson et al, 201734
Improved collegialityYahes and Dunn, 199648Guhde, 200335Boughton et al, 201040Carr and DeKemel-Ichikawa, 201221Harvey et al, 201342
Improved attitude towards people with accent/dialectSatter et al, 200555Blackburn, 201250
Increased job satisfactionYahes and Dunn, 199648