Examples of Ochsner Baptist In-Situ Simulations

TopicLocationSafety Barrier Identified
Placental abruptionLabor and delivery unitCommunication via personal cell phones found ineffective for emergencies
Eclamptic seizureAntepartumAttendings not receiving code notification
Eclamptic seizureObstetric emergency roomMagnesium not stocked in Pyxis
Eclamptic seizurePostpartumWrong number for code operator; lorazepam not stocked in Pyxis
Severe hypertensionAntepartumCode button deactivated
Precipitous preterm deliveryAntepartumUnknown location of warmer; unable to override elevator
Precipitous deliveryObstetric emergency roomStat pack inadequate
Postpartum hemorrhageOperating roomMassive transfusion protocol order set via telephone communication improved response time
Cord prolapseAlternative birth centerRequires key to access; bed does not fit through front door
Car deliveryGarage“Code stork” confused with “code stroke”
Malignant hyperthermiaOperating roomResuscitation box disorganized
FireOperating roomLocation of oxygen shutoff unknown
Malignant hyperthermiaOperating roomOptimal medication not available at Ochsner Baptist