Table 4.

Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve Comparisons for Initial, Maximum, and Change in Troponin on Mortality

Troponin ComparisonDifference in ROC Curves95% Wald Confidence LimitsP Value
Maximum vs initial0.02350.0119 to 0.0352<0.0001
Change vs initial–0.0434–0.0670 to –0.01980.0003
Change vs maximum–0.0670–0.0839 to –0.0500<0.0001
  • Note: Nonparametric comparisons of area under the ROC curves were performed to test for significant differences in the ability of each univariate model to predict mortality. The maximum troponin value model predicts death significantly better than the initial troponin model and the change in troponin model.