Table 3.

Logistic Regression With the Firth Penalized Likelihood Approach for Initial, Maximum, and Change in Troponin on Mortality

Troponin LevelOdds Ratio95% CIP ValueAUC95% CI
Initial troponin1.0091.004-1.0130.00020.65470.6334-0.6760
Maximum troponin1.0071.005-1.009<0.00010.67820.6576-0.6989
Change in troponin (maximum – minimum)1.0071.005-1.009<0.00010.61130.5892-0.6333
  • Note: Logistic regression with the Firth penalized likelihood approach was performed to assess the predictive ability of initial, maximum, and change in troponin level on death at index admission. The P value for troponin value indicates statistical significance for predicting mortality.

  • AUC, area under the receiver operating characteristic curve.