Table 3. Examples of Social Determinants of Health That Have Affected Patients They Have Treated Reported by Residents on the Graduate Medical Education Annual Survey
Social Determinant of Health2015-2016 Number of Times Mentioned (%)2016-2017 Number of Times Mentioned (%)
Insurance22 (47)10 (21)
 Referrals to specialists31
 Insurance (general)75
 Long-term acute care10
Finances11 (23)20 (42)
 Finances (general)610
 Not getting tests due to costs10
Lack of patient knowledge/ understanding/compliance4 (9)2 (4)
Transportation4 (9)2 (4)
 Patients with disabilities10
Language/cultural differences2 (4)6 (13)
Social/educational services deficits and/or inadequate social supports2 (4)7 (15)
Lack of home support for elderly patients1 (2)0 (0)
Unspecified1 (2)1 (2)
  • Note: The total number of responses to survey questions may vary between academic years because the number of residents surveyed or providing responses may have changed from year to year.