PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN – A Panel Discussion by Community Members Will Increase Residents’ Knowledge of Cultural Competency
Vision StatementWe will demonstrate that the panel discussion format is effective at increasing resident knowledge regarding cultural competency.
Team ObjectivesFindings from pre- and post-panel surveys will inform and influence systems-based presentations for residents for the remainder of the academic year. Year-to-year improvement in resident knowledge regarding how best to serve residents from these communities will be tracked through surveys. Key stakeholders include incoming residents and residency programs, the Meridian Health (MH) Office of Community Outreach, and the MH Office of Cultural Diversity.
Success FactorsThe most successful part of our work was the engagement of the residents with community members. We were inspired by how community members spoke with pride about their cultures and were enthusiastic about the prospect of residents better understanding the needs of their communities.
BarriersThe largest barrier encountered was identifying community members willing to sit in front of 40 residents for 90 minutes! We overcame this challenge by working with our Offices of Community Outreach and Cultural Diversity to identify panelists and by having the project principal investigator meet with them in advance of the panel session.
Lessons LearnedThe single most important piece of advice to provide another team embarking on a similar initiative is to pilot the pre- and post-panel surveys with residents.