PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN – Collaborating with Our Hispanic Population to Improve Diabetic Education, Prevention, and Care
Vision StatementOur vision is to serve the health needs of the Hispanic community through a holistic approach with an emphasis on education as an immediate step toward preventing and reducing the impact of diabetes.
Markers of success were as follows:
  • Build sustainable partnerships with the 60018 Hispanic community

  • Increase awareness and understanding of risk factors for and management of diabetes mellitus in the 60018 Hispanic community

  • Improve education and involvement of residents and attending physicians in understanding disparities and improving health equity in this population

Team ObjectivesZIP code 60018 in our primary service area (PSA) has twice the Hispanic population of our other PSAs. It is well known that diabetes disproportionately impacts the Hispanic community. We first seek to understand the medical and community needs and resources and then to work with them to address their needs.
Success FactorsThe most successful part of our work was obtaining executive leader sponsorship and grant dollars to sustain and expand the work of our NI V team. We were inspired by the people in the community who enthusiastically participated in the screening and educational sessions.
BarriersThe largest barrier encountered was the unrecognized challenges within our partner church. We worked to overcome this challenge by being patiently and respectfully persistent as well as flexible in developing a community health worker position when the church was unable to commit to a faith community nurse.
Lessons LearnedThe single most important piece of advice to provide another team embarking on a similar initiative is to be prepared to listen to both the words and the nonverbal communication with an open and flexible mind.