Table. Reported Cases of Small Bowel Hemangioma in Pediatric Patients
Bae et al, 2015213 years/MaleJejunum/Cavernous hemangiomaRecurrent iron-deficiency anemia, nausea, and dizzinessResection/Discharged after 7 days and no further issues
Han et al, 2014313 months/MaleJejunum/Cavernous hemangioma involving submucosa to the subserosaMelena and nonbilious vomiting for 15 daysResection/Discharged on seventh day and no further issues
Han et al, 201438 years/MaleRectum/Cavernous hemangiomaHematochezia for 3 monthsResection/Discharged on twelfth day and no further issues
Han et al, 2014315 years/FemaleJejunum, distal ileum/Cavernous hemangiomaDizzinessResection/Recurrence of multiple hemangiomas in stomach and small bowel 4 years later; no anemia or intestinal bleeding
Papparella et al, 20144Not givenJejunum/Type not specifiedGastrointestinal bleedingResection/Discharged with no further complications
Turcotte et al, 2012516 years/FemaleJejunum/Capillary hemangiomaFatigue and weaknessResection/No further issues and uneventful recovery
Stojsic et al, 2008613 years/FemaleIleum/Capillary hemangioma, pyogenicIntestinal obstructionResection/No further issues
Kavin et al, 200672.5 years/FemaleJejunum/Mixed capillary hemangiomaMelenic stoolsResection/No further issues
Sakaguchi et al, 1998811 years/MaleIleum/Cavernous hemangiomaRecurrent anemia and abdominal painResection/Discharged after 7 days and no further issues