TableĀ 1.

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Procedures Video Pretest and Posttest Results (n=31)

Percentage of Students Answering Correctly
QuestionPretestPosttestP value
1. What is the most sensitive method to confirm diagnosis of a valvular disease?61.3100<0.001
2. What chemical solution is used to stop the heart rate?32.390.3<0.001
3. Who is responsible for contacting the ICU/PACU during and after the procedure in the OR?29.080.6<0.001
4. Place the following steps in the appropriate order for cardiopulmonary bypass.6.541.9<0.001
5. Where is the aortic root vent placed?67.767.7NS
6. A coronary sinus catheter is recommended in all cardiopulmonary bypass surgeries.41.971.0<0.001
7. Who operates the cardiopulmonary bypass machine in the OR?64.596.8<0.001
8. What is the purpose of adapting the diffusion tip for arterial cannulation?16.190.3<0.001
9. Where does the surgeon insert the venous cannula?12.977.4<0.001
  • Note: Chi-square test was used to compare the percent correct answers before and after viewing the video.

  • ICU, intensive care unit; NS, not significant; OR, operating room; PACU, postanesthesia care unit.