TableĀ 2.

Attitudinal Questionnaire Results (n=31)

QuestionStrongly Agree/Agree, %Neutral, %Strongly Disagree/Disagree, %P value
I am confident in reciting the steps of the cardiopulmonary bypass procedure.35.538.725.8NS
I am confident that I can assist in a cardiopulmonary bypass procedure.25.848.425.8NS
I understand the roles of the perfusionist in cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.83.812.93.2<0.001
I understand the roles of the circulator nurse in cardiopulmonary bypass.93.66.50<0.001
I am knowledgeable about how the cardiopulmonary machine functions.<0.001
The video content is appropriate to medical students.10000<0.001
This video was well prepared.10000<0.001
This video will be useful to me during my surgical clerkship.90.49.70<0.001
I prefer watching the video over reading a written protocol.<0.001
  • Notes: The 5-point Likert scale responses were collapsed into the 3 categories shown for ease of analysis. Chi-square test was used to compare the percent strongly agree/agree to strongly disagree/disagree.

  • NS, not significant.