Table 5.

Multivariate Logistic Regression Analysis Results

High EmotionalHighLow PersonalHigh
VariableOR (95% CI)P ValueOR (95% CI)P ValueOR (95% CI)P ValueOR (95% CI)P Value
 Male0.51 (0.29-0.99)0.025
Smoking status
 Yes2.49 (1.12-5.53)0.046
Residency year
 3 and 40.49 (0.25-0.97)0.04
Number of on-calls/month1.59 (1.09-2.31)0.0151.66 (1.12-2.46)0.012
Salary satisfaction0.62 (0.44-0.88)0.0070.61 (0.45-0.82)0.0010.47 (0.33-0.66)<0.001
Pediatrics career satisfaction0.55 (0.43-0.71)<0.001
Work-life balance satisfaction0.34 (0.23-0.49)<0.0010.57 (0.41-0.8)0.001
  • Notes: Only variables included in the final model using stepwise backward elimination are displayed. High burnout was defined as coexisting high emotional exhaustion, high depersonalization, and low personal accomplishment.

  • OR, odds ratio; R2, coefficient of determination or the proportion of variance in the dependent variable that is explained by the model.