Table 1.

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes of Interest for Each Surgery Type

Surgery TypeCPT Codes
Rhinoplasty21310 Closed nasal reduction
21315 Closed nasal reduction
21320 Closed nasal reduction
30400 Rhinoplasty, primary
30410 Rhinoplasty, primary
30420 Rhinoplasty, primary
30430 Rhinoplasty, secondary
30440 Rhinoplasty, secondary, with osteotomies
30450 Rhinoplasty, secondary, with osteotomies
Sinonasal surgery31254 Ethmoidectomy, partial (anterior)
31255 Ethmoidectomy, total
30130 Excision inferior turbinate
30140 Submucous resection inferior turbinate
30520 Septoplasty
30801 Ablation, soft tissue of inferior turbinate
Tonsillectomy42821 Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
42826 Tonsillectomy
Parotidectomy42410 Excision of parotid gland without nerve dissection
42415 Excision of parotid gland with nerve dissection
Thyroidectomy60240 Thyroidectomy, total
60252 Thyroidectomy total with limited neck dissection
60260 Thyroidectomy, completion
Otologic surgery69631 Tympanoplasty without mastoidectomy
69632 with OCR
69633 with OCR and synthetic prosthesis
69635 Tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy
69636 with OCR
69637 with OCR and synthetic prosthesis
69641 Tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy, without OCR
69642 with OCR
69643 with intact or reconstructed wall, without OCR
69644 with intact or reconstructed wall, with OCR
69645 radical or complete, without OCR
69646 Tympanoplasty: radical or complete, with OCR
69650 Stapes mobilization
69660 Stapedectomy
69661 with footplate drill-out
69662 Revision stapes surgery
Laryngoscopy31545 Direct laryngoscopy with removal of TVC lesion
31570 Direct laryngoscopy with injection augmentation
31571 Direct laryngoscopy with operating microscope or telescope
  • OCR, ossicular chain reconstruction; TVC, true vocal cord.