Table 3.

Dietary Understanding, Motivation to Change Diet, and Patient Engagement and Perception by Group

VariableEducational Intervention Group, n=169No Educational Intervention Group, n=151P Value
 Primary care clinic, n (%)155 (92)45 (30)
 Subspecialty care clinics, n (%)14 (8)106 (70)
Dietary understanding
 Percentage of correct answers on a 7-question quiz62550.009b
Motivation to change diet, meanb
 Thoughts about diet before last clinic visitc3.43.20.1
 Thoughts about diet after last clinic visitc3.63.20.1
 Change in thoughts about dietc0.200.1
 Changing diet would improve healthd4.340.07
 It would be easy to make changes to dietd3.53.10.03
Patient engagement and perception, mean
 I will ask doctor about dietd3.63.30.04b
 I had to wait a long time todayd2.52.80.17b
  • aChi-squared test.

  • bt test.

  • cResponses are based on the following Likert scale: 1=never, 2=rarely, 3=occasionally, 4=regularly, 5=often.

  • dResponses are based on the following Likert scale: 1=strongly disagree, 2=somewhat disagree, 3=neutral, 4=somewhat agree, 5=strongly agree.