Patient Demographics and Outcomes After Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation (CRFA)

PatientAgeSexBMIImaging FindingsLevel of CRFAPreprocedure Pain ScoreaPostprocedure Pain Scorea% Reduction in Pain Score
172F25.4MRI: Multilevel degenerative disc disease with narrowing of the cervical spinal canal, scattered discogenic endplate changes, and small disc bulges at T7-T8 and T10-T11Left T8-T1190100
231F21.3X-ray: Very mild upper thoracic degenerative disc space narrowingRight T7-T1070100
344M25.0Not availableRight T1-T46266.7
454M32.5MRI: Chronic moderate compression of T12, minimal degenerative disc disease changes, slight desiccation of the disc at T2-T3 without bulge or hernia, mild disc space narrowing and a minor posterior central disc protrusion at T3-T4, and mild disc bulging at the C6-C7 levelRight T9-T129188.9
546F20.9X-ray: Nothing abnormalLeft T9-T12102.575.0
657M29.7Not availableLeft T9 and T1073.550.0
  • aPain was scored on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 indicative of no pain and 10 indicative of maximal pain.

  • F, female; M, male; BMI, body mass index; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.