Table 2.

Smart Phrase Addendum to Central Venous Cannulation Note in the Electronic Medical Record

date:IJ,SCL,Fem:gauge:Cannulation success?
pt age:side (R/L):tip sharpness (A-,B-,I-)overshoot (DWP)?
pt height:skin→superficial wall (mm):length (mm):# skin punctures:
pt weight:skin→mid-lumen (mm):insertion angle (°):# needle re-directs:
pt sex:skin→deep wall (mm):tip insertion depth (mm):notes:
operator experience:A-P diameter (mm): M-L diameter (mm):needle stop used? needle stop type:
  • A-,B-,I-, sharpness category: A-, extra-sharp; B-, of lesser sharpness customary for vascular access; I-, of sharpness intermediate between A- and B-; A-P, anteroposterior; DWP, double-wall puncture; IJ, SCL, Fem, internal jugular, subclavian, femoral (vein being cannulated); M-L, medial-lateral; pt, patient; R/L, right/left.